A Family Adventure of the 2,185 mile hike from Georgia to Maine - 2014

July 30 – Ups and Downs

Mama Bears parents were put through a long day of ups and downs, heading over the Kinsmans and then up Franconia Ridge. It was a lot of elevation gain and some hard walking all the way around but we were all treated to the full experience of the Whites (including being pushed to the limit). Read More

July 29 – Back in the Saddle

Getting off trail for a few days always makes it difficult to get back on; seeing friends and family and indulging in the ease of off trail life seems to cause homesickness to kick in hardcore, especially for the kids. Cartwheel had a hard time leaving the comforts of off-trail life to return to the woods. Robin Hood did his best to cheer her up; he even made her a stick doll with a birch bark skirt. Her grandparents tried as well. And her stuffed bear, fuzzy, accompanied her back on the trail for a few days. All to no avail. Read More

Photos from Wildwood

Read More

July 25-28 – Yellow Submarine

We came off trail for the weekend to head to southern New Jersey for the fourteenth year in a row to play in a Beach Ultimate Tournament with the very special team Yellow Submarine. We lost in the finals, coming in 2nd in a tournament with over 300 teams. More importantly we spent some quality time with close friends along the way. Read More

July 24 – Mount Mousilakee

Cartwheel, who went to bed in the top hammock as the rain pattered on the tarp above, awoke in the morning on the ground nuzzling atop our empty packs. Neither she nor any of the rest of us knew how or when she made the transition (or even whether it was intentional or accidental). We enjoyed a hot breakfast, then headed up above tree line. Read More

July 23 – An Evening Thunderstorm

We woke up at Hexacuba Shelter, packed up and headed up cube mountain. We hiked for most of the day with Soleil, JPEG, Jukebox and Tandem. They were all headed to a hostel or to a shelter a few miles passed it. We decided to press on up Mousilakee because of an impending rendezvous with my father to pick up a car and head to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Read More

July 22 – Here come the Whites

The closer we get to Maine, the more the hiking feels like home. The granite ledges dotting the northern boreal forests, and the trails that go straight up the mountains. We haven’t yet reach the majesty of the presidentials, but the trail certainly has a New Hampshire feel. Read More