July 14 – Mountain Majesty

We awoke to what would have been a beautiful sunrise if it weren’t for the thick clouds settled into the valley filling our view with a uniform gray. But as we ate our breakfast and sipped our morning beverages the sun grew stronger and began to burn through the mist, allowing the distant mountains to melt into varying shades of darker and lighter gray. It was a spectacular, if monochromatic, display.

We walked passed rivers and streams, beaver ponds and swimming ponds. We climbed the fire tower on Stratton mountain to take in the view that inspired the Long and Appalachian Trails alike. We snacked at Stratton pond while Cartwheel alone took a swim. Then we cruised into the evening, stopping to sup at Prospect Rock (I seem to have no control over the order of the pictures, so you may need to reorder them in your mind to have some of these scenes make sense; also, Mama Bear read some old posts and informed me that my typos are atrocious, so you may need to read over those in your mind as well).

During our dinner we were treated to a truly spectacular sunset. Even Robin Hood, who has been more absorbed of late in the fantasy world of Eragon than the real world of the rest of us, said that if he could create a firth of any scene (I understand this roughly as a magical photograph etched into ones’ mind’s eye), it would be this one. We lingered long after the food was gone enjoying nature’s light show for the better part of two hours. Then we reluctantly climbed into bed and snuggled in for the night.






















9 Comments on “July 14 – Mountain Majesty

  1. I am enthralled and any typos are either not noticed or ignored. You are an inspirational family and I’m enjoying every post of every foot, of the way. You are truly amazing and I’m hoping that you know what great joy you are bringing to others by sharing your journey.

    Thank you

  2. Hey Peter
    I love the blogs, just as they are. In fact I wonder how you manage to do them at all..

  3. Sherri Schuette
    July 15, 2014
    Thank you for taking the time to blog! Our youngest son, “Cape” is hiking the AT and is somewhere close to your location, he’s in Rutland, VT. Your pictures allow us to see where he has been. He has told us all about Cartwheel and Robin Hood! Also your dog! We are so amazed at far the kids can hike in a day! He said they are the best behaved kids he has ever been around! Thank you again, can’t wait to see more of your pictures!

  4. Congratulations on hitting the 3/4 point!

  5. Hi Kallin Family…We are following your trip after hearing your interview on NPR. We’re having a great vicarious hike with you. We live near Norwich/Hanover and would love to take you guys out for lunch/dinner if you’re not already booked up. If you are, maybe we could meet and say hi as you pass through the area. It seems like you’ll be here in another few days.
    Best wishes for continuing fun on this adventure,
    Andy Rowles and Sandy Preston

  6. it’s the morning of the 17th. you must be REALLY close by now. i am so looking forward to seeing you all! my weekend looks fairly open after friday morning at 10.

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