July 9 – Cool Breeze

The rains came hard overnight but we all stayed dry and the heat finally broke. The morning brought ethereal light sifting through rain sparkled trees. The trail was pretty, the weather was perfect, and the hikers were crabby.

Not too crabby, just enough to get on each other’s nerves a bit. But we all spread out and got enough alone time to each sort out our own issues. By the afternoon, we all liked each other again and enjoyed quite a pleasant swim in Upper Goose Pond.

We soon crossed over the Mass Pike where the kids enjoyed getting the long haul truckers to blow their horns. Then we hiked passed some scenic wetlands and found a small clearing in which to squeeze ourselves for the night. The thunder and drizzle is suggesting another wet night. We’re all excited for tomorrow when we’ll see some old friends (and a very very new one).

(Studio photos copyright Stan Goldblatt)












6 Comments on “July 9 – Cool Breeze

  1. What a handsome family.
    Crabby is ok when you love each other.
    I hope this happy crew does the PCT or at least the best part, the 218 mile John Muir section. Let us here is CA know if you do.

  2. A friend showed me your website and i am now a committed reader.Ii enjoy reading your journal and I’m inspired that you walk with your kids.

  3. I hiked that stretch of the AT on a boy scout hike in the 1960’s. Still remember crossing over the pike. You are giving your children a great life-lesson. Enjoy the rest of your trek.

  4. Hi Dave and family, What an awesome family adventure! Thanks for sharing your stories and photos.

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