July 7 – Back on the Trail

After a long drive (with few pictures) we made it back on the trail. Mama Bear and the kids watched Frozen in the back seat and we listened to many hours of Eragon. Then, with much appreciated help from Peggy, we made it back to the trailhead in time to catch an evening rainbow.

Due to the dearth of photos, I’ve thrown in a few from Cartwheel’s camera that weren’t previously published. The one mile tonight meant only two zero-miles days for the wedding (our first of the trip, and well worth it).










5 Comments on “July 7 – Back on the Trail

  1. Only you could cope with attending a wedding mid-hike.. where did all the smart clothes come from?! Awesome logistics!

    Glad to see that Cartwheel’s knees seem fully recovered. On the last laps now!

  2. Yay now Cartwheel and I can sing “Let It Go”

  3. So pleased to have been a part of the ‘Logistics Team’ !!!

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