A Family Adventure of the 2,185 mile hike from Georgia to Maine - 2014

July 6 – Family Wedding

All In’s aunt’s wedding provided a great time to catch up with family. There was copious laughter and joy. And plenty of off-trail goofing.

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July 5 – Seven Hundred Miles in a Day

This was our first day not hiking since we started three months ago. We spent the day in a car, which wasn’t an unwelcome rest, and were able to stop for food anytime we were hungry. We were driving from southern Massachusetts to western Ohio and we took the northern route. We stopped to stretch our legs, not giving the kids any warning of the iconic location we had picked. There were a few more people around than we have grown accustomed to. Read More

July 4 – the Rains End

Grandpa Pete, having joined us for the worst weather of the trip (coupled with some very steep and slippery ascents and descents) gets picked up by his highschool friend Howie to drive back to Maine and catch an early morning plane. The rest of us all pile into a rental car and head off trail for the first time this trip to go to the Ohio wedding of All In’s aunt.

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July 3 – In Which We Actually Enter Massachusetts

After an early breakfast of pie and pancakes, we headed back on to the trail. Everything was soggy from the night before, but the weather cleared and the hiking was pleasant.

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July 2 – a Wet Welcome to Massachussetts

We said goodbye to the Busbys and were dropped back off at the trail. We hiked several miles in the morning, then met up with my dad who came to hike with his grand kids for a few days. He joined us for our entry into Massachusetts, but he also managed to pick the day of one of the most torrential rains we’ve had to date. Read More

July 1 – One More Time

The offer of another night in comfy beds together with a potluck at the lake (and the US v. Holland World Cup match) proved too much to resist. We decided to stay with the Busby’s for another night. So what did we do with our day off? We hiked some more. Read More

June 30 – Almost Civilized

We cruised into Connecticut and started to feel like we’re getting close to home with our entry into New England. Northbound thruhikers tend to refer to themselves as Nobos and southbounders refer to themselves as Sobos. Since we’re from Maine, people always say we’re hiking home; the kids have taken the homeward bound aspect to heart and like to refer to us as the Hobo Family. How fitting. Read More

June 29 – Hopping the Northbound Train

Mama Bear and I were still packing up camp when Oops walked by. The kids were long gone down the trail with Orion on the tail keeping tabs on them. We strolled down off the ridge line and were greeted with glimpses of picturesque agrarian scenes.

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June 28 – Back in the Groove

The morning brought our first trail test of the alcohol stove we hastily constructed the previous day in response to fuel canister unavailability and the stove performed admirably. We enjoyed hot coffee, tea and bagels with cream cheese, then broke camp and were on the trail before eight (the long daylight hours have led to later nights and concomitant later mornings, so what was once a late start for us has somehow become an accomplishment to celebrate). Read More

June 27 – Impeccable Execution

After the previous night of marveling at the bright lights of the big city, we awoke, descended the ridge, climbed the many stone steps up Bear Mountain, then descended the many steps down the other side. As we emerged in the park at its base, the kids’ call rang clear and loud: PLAYGROUND! They dropped their packs and took off running. Cartwheel managed two full-speed steps on the pavement before a stuttered step sent her sprawling across the gravelly macadam; Cartwheel’s been learning to get up again a lot lately. Read More