July 11 – Trail Legs

We spent a lazy morning lingering with friends, in no rush to say goodbye. Cartwheel had her hair done. Everyone cooed over the baby. We ate more good food. Eventually we did head back to the woods and the miles melted away.

It was nice to feel like we had our trail legs back; the first time since we came back from the wedding. We walked through Cheshire in time to pick up a package at the post office and to enjoy an ice cream in the afternoon sun. Later we enjoyed a sunset on Mt. Greylock and ice cream from the swanky summit lodge. Tomorrow we head into Vermont.
















7 Comments on “July 11 – Trail Legs

  1. I can’t believe how close you are getting. I haven’t been to Mt. Greylock in many many years. (I’m from central Mass.) I LOVE the close-up of Orion. He could be the poster dog of the AT. Glad you’re all holding up well.

  2. Please tell my bud nathan i read and loved the Alchemist on his recommendation.we need to talk about how it changed his perspective on the world.nathan have you read excerpts from Walden yet?any other recommendations?maddy did you end up loving the Little Princess as much as i did?i think you both should read To Kill a Mockingbird.miss you all so much!love,linda

  3. glad to see that Cartwheel’s knee looks almost healed. You certainly have had a few great weather days in MA. And now on to northern NE – the home stretch! Thank you for bringing me (and so many others) along.

  4. Hello Dave, Emily, Nathan and Maddie! It’s Ann and Dan Rose….just wanted to let you know that we are thoroughly loving the blog, loving the spectacular adventure and are so impressed with, well, everything. Good luck with the last 3 states; we are cheering the whole way!

  5. did you see any paraglider/hang glider pilots on the top of greylock for an evening glass-off? (george went there a lot to fly)

    i’m so excited you’re coming into vermont today … it won’t be long now …

  6. I found your blog through Wired and love reading about your adventures. My daughters go to Hanover High School and I imagine you are getting close. We would love to leave some trail magic for the kids. If we left something at the Hanover library on Monday, would it get to you? Is there anything my girls could leave your children that would be especially appreciated?

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