A Family Adventure of the 2,185 mile hike from Georgia to Maine - 2014

August 6 – The Mahoosic Range

The Mahoosic Range must be one of the coolest mountain traverses on the east coast. Towering mountains, sweeping vistas, rugged climbing, and near solitude due to their relative anonymity and inaccessibility. We crossed from New Hampshire into Maine and there’s a real sense of being home. Read More

August 5 – Rattle River

Today as we wound our way down the Rattle River the kids were engrossed in a make-believe of their own creation. Jack Frost had stolen the enchanted crystal from Orie the Outdoors Fairy, and if Cartwheel and RobinHood couldn’t get it back, no one would ever love the outdoors again. They had wands made by braiding grass strands over knobbly twigs and they raced down the trail living their own action adventure.

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August 4 – Why We Hike

Sometimes the awe and beauty of the mountains can stop you in your tracks, erase all from your mind that is not present in that moment, and focus you on the here-and-now in a way not readily achieved in our daily lives. Like the runner’s high achieved by the long distance runner, it is a euphoric trance that centers you in the moment and in the world. It is the restorative power of wilderness and the reason so many work so hard to protect such wilderness experiences. In the early evening hours, as we crested Carter’s Dome, we were treated to a divine display of sun and clouds as the realm of the Appalachian Trail and surrounding mountains stretched out before us. This is why we hike.

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August 3 – Mt Washington

All In woke up early to catch the alpine sunrise with Orion while the rest of the family slept a little later. They packed up before the Croo set the breakfast tables for the paying guests. Then we enjoyed a slow morning and had some breakfast leftovers. Afterwards we helped the Croo sweep out the bunk rooms and the dining room. Read More

August 2 – Lake of the Clouds

The climb up Mount Washington was blessed with a high cloud layer that permitted views of the distant peaks but shielded us from most of the suns rays. With the humidity we still dripped with sweat, but the Whites have a well-deserved reputation for mountain majesty. We stopped in at Mitzvah Hut for some tea and baked goods, then we lucked-out with a work-for-stay at the Lake of the Clouds. Read More

August 1 – Friday

The scenery in the Whites has been spectacular and it’s been nice to be in a position to slow down and enjoy ourselves. We stopped for some leftover breakfast at Zealand Falls Hut, then cruised along some easy trail with ample opportunities for swimming. Read More

July 31 – Four Months

An early morning climb of the remainder of Franconia Ridge gave us the reward for the previous day’s hard work. Mama Bear’s parents enjoyed some of the splendor of the presidentials and we basked in the vistas before they turned around to head back to their car and we continued north. Read More