June 30 – Almost Civilized

We cruised into Connecticut and started to feel like we’re getting close to home with our entry into New England. Northbound thruhikers tend to refer to themselves as Nobos and southbounders refer to themselves as Sobos. Since we’re from Maine, people always say we’re hiking home; the kids have taken the homeward bound aspect to heart and like to refer to us as the Hobo Family. How fitting.

But today we got to share the home of some of the Busby clan in Connecticut and we felt almost civilized. We spent the morning swimming in the Hoosatonic, and pumping water at the shelters. But we were at the Busby house in time to enjoy some soccer on television and were treated to a delicious home cooked meal.

We each took multiple showers. RobinHood was extremely disappointed as he had taken to heart Woodstock’s Four State Challenge (only suggested, never attempted, by Woodstock): to go four states without a shower. We broke the streak and cleaned the boy (sorry Woodstock). Then we enjoyed a night sleeping in real beds between real sheets.









4 Comments on “June 30 – Almost Civilized

  1. Congratulations on passing the 2/3 point in your journey. I look forward to meeting up with you later today for a couple of days of hiking.

  2. oh, you are getting so close! how can we get in touch to rendezvous when you are near the vt/nh border? i hope we get to see each other!

  3. Movin right along…..Yipee! What is your estimated Date of Arrival?

  4. Incredible, what a truly Incredible Journey.
    Welcome to Connecticut, the place of the long tidal river.

    See you soon.

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