July 1 – One More Time

The offer of another night in comfy beds together with a potluck at the lake (and the US v. Holland World Cup match) proved too much to resist. We decided to stay with the Busby’s for another night. So what did we do with our day off? We hiked some more.

The Busbys live just a few minutes from a few different places where a road crosses the AT, so we left our packs at their house and headed off for some weightless walking. We were grateful for the extra nimbleness on some of the rock scrambles and had plenty of time to swim in the Hoosatonic.

Back at the house we enjoyed an exciting soccer match, then headed to a nearby lake for a potluck dinner. The kids spent hours swimming and playing with kids their age and the adults enjoyed the good food and chatting with a really great bunch of people. It was a perfect summer day and it was difficult to drag the kids away from the lake.

The photographer doing a series of thru-hiker portraits also sent us some of his pictures (the studio shots are all copyright Stan Goldblatt).



















11 Comments on “July 1 – One More Time

  1. I love the portraits, especially the last one! Robin Hood, the hat with the feather is a great look. Cartwheel, you look so much older than when we saw you a couple months ago. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally have 2 birthdays on the trail?

  2. The studio picture of Maddy almost looks like it was painted by Norman Rockwell!

  3. Fine pictures.. but Maddy, those poor knees!

  4. I am not sure that even Houdini could untie that family knot!

  5. Great great pictures, both in and out of studio!

  6. The portraits are so great! And glad you got to see some soccer and slack pack!! Go HoBos!

  7. Nice photos but i’m especially moved by my beautiful friend (inside and out) emily at lakeside.

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