July 22 – Here come the Whites

The closer we get to Maine, the more the hiking feels like home. The granite ledges dotting the northern boreal forests, and the trails that go straight up the mountains. We haven’t yet reach the majesty of the presidentials, but the trail certainly has a New Hampshire feel.

Since leaving Hanover, we’ve been overlapping with a crowd of northbounders, including Buzz and Tandem, a father-daughter duo celebrating Tandem’s graduation from college. Also with them is Jukebox, who we hiked with back in Georgia and North Carolina. The kids were disappointed to hear that his daily pull-up record has been decreasing rather than increasing, but he can still do four times as many as the rest of us. We also met Mio and Hoss, and everyday we see more and more southbounders.

At the firetower, JPEG and Cartwheel traded packs for a while. In the evening we came to a bridge that thruhikers had taken over as a scenic (and flat) place to sit, chat and cook dinner. In the evening we camped by the hexagonal Hexecuba shelter at the base of Cube Mountain, which we shared with GWalker, who is trying to make it to Katahdin for his sixty-ninth birthday in August, as well as a bevy of southbounders.

We have another day and a half of hiking and then we’re headed to a beach ultimate frisbee tournament for the weekend. Then back on the trail for the presidentials on Tuesday.





















7 Comments on “July 22 – Here come the Whites

  1. I am planning on thru hiking the CDT next year. I will be 67 at the time. I read your comment about a 69 year old thru hiker trail name GWalker. How is he faring ? I thru hiked the AT some forty years ago..another story
    I keep in shape and walk ten miles every other day..rain or shine..except lightning đŸ™‚

  2. definitely looks like the NH mountains and streams to me. The mountains are calling!

  3. our internet’s been down all week, due to a northern NE outage, but i’m happy to be back and see that you’re cruising well into new hampshire. go Spoon Children, go! thank you all so much for a beautiful day … we did have a perfect day, didn’t we? i just enjoyed being with all of you so much. it really lifted my spirits and brought me into a simple state of being, and then i began to wonder if it wasn’t reverence i was experiencing. with love and good wishes for the last leg of your pilgrimage … i will catch up with you when i return in mud-august!

  4. “Neither Hafiz’s body nor his life can deny,
    For all his mischief, only heaven awaits him”

  5. We haven’t seen a blog post in a while and are all dying to know how it is going through the Whites! What’s up Kallin family?

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