July 19 – Turning the Corner

The AT turned east and we followed it, headed toward New Hampshire and Maine. We saw lots of northbounders we’ve been crossing paths with for a while. We hiked with Johawk and Murphy in the morning while 50/50 and Mambo decided to spend another day at the Inn. The day brought easy Vermont walking.

We came across Whitey reading his book by the lake (Whitey is known along the trail for the lightweight reading material he carries — while some weight-fanatics tear out each page after they’ve read it, at one point Whitey was carrying two hardcover Harry Potter books so that he’d have the next one when he finished the first; he’s currently working on a large print version of Steinbeck’s East of Eden, which must be a good four inches thick).

We had lunch by a stream as Stark and Twist cruised by. We seemed to be behind schedule to meet our host for the night, the mother of a good college friend of mine, but we cruised for thirteen miles without pausing for a break, and popped out of the woods, and through the farmer’s field, to come out at the parking lot within a minute of our 6:30 rendezvous time.

Sophia Stone hosted us for a delicious dinner and breakfast, and her comfy king size beds were by far the most luxurious accommodations we’ve had this trip. The kids quickly dove into the reading material that lined her shelves, with RobinHood waking up extra early to continue to plow through the 1950s comic-book version of Uncle Scrouge. The remarkable view from her back porch provided the perfect backdrop to catch up on some posts.










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