July 23 – An Evening Thunderstorm

We woke up at Hexacuba Shelter, packed up and headed up cube mountain. We hiked for most of the day with Soleil, JPEG, Jukebox and Tandem. They were all headed to a hostel or to a shelter a few miles passed it. We decided to press on up Mousilakee because of an impending rendezvous with my father to pick up a car and head to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

We hiked through the northern most field of the trail, and met Listen and Squirrel also on their way up. We chatted about the dark clouds in the summit and the possibility of thunderstorms. They were hoping to make it up and over before any of that materialized, if it ever did, and climbed faster than we. About half way up we stopped at a stream to cook dinner before the skies opened up.

The skies darkened faster than the water boiled, and soon a hard rain began to pelt the forest canopy above our heads. We quickly pitched a tarp in the woods to the side of the trail and moved the dinner preparations under the shelter it provided. After dinner we decided to camp for the night rather than push on in the clouded darkness of the wet weather.

We found a flat spot large enough to accommodate the small tent Mama Bear and I share and we hung the hammocks under the tarp above the lumpy forest hommocks where we had cooked our dinner. Then we tucked in for the night enjoying the patter of raindrops on the tarps above our heads.










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