July 21 – New Hampshire

We awoke by the stream at the campsite we had shared with Twist and Stark. It was barely six o’clock but Twist was already gone and Stark was just leaving. We had a leisurely breakfast then followed along behind them, happy to have someone to clear the cobwebs from the trail for us.

We met up with Johawk and Murphy as we prepared to leave the woods for the trail’s longest road walk. We also met Shroomer, on his way to completing his triple crown. The road into town was line with coolers of free food and drinks for incoming hikers, gifts from those who live along the trail. Then we crossed over our penultimate state line as we entered Hanover, NH.

What a thru-hiker friendly town: the home of bill Bryson and the Dartmouth Outing Club offered a free donut per hiker at the bakery and a free slice of pizza at the pizza place. With the college still out for summer, Hanover was like a vortex for hikers. It seemed like everywhere we turned we saw a familiar face. It was great to greet old friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen in months. Cartwheel mastered the selfie on her camera and actually managed to take some in-town shots.

Hanover proved a hard town to leave but we eventually soldiered north once more.







One Comment on “July 21 – New Hampshire

  1. Met you at Brown Mt in VA, and at the Memorial Day trail Magic. You are looking good and the children are so mature for their age. Good parenting makes for good children. You are the best. Good Luck and be safe. Slim aka Nancy Robinson/

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