A Family Adventure of the 2,185 mile hike from Georgia to Maine - 2014

April 9

Our longest day so far, brought us our first view of Clingman’s Dome, the highest point on the AT from Wayah Bald. Meanwhile, Mouse hunts a very unperturbed pigeon. Read More

April 8

Forty degrees and rainy yesterday was enough to have the parents and kids alike on the edge, but we snuggled together in a dry tent and made it through a gusty night. The hardest part of the trip by far came this morning: putting on wet socks, shoes and clothes to start hiking in the cold with numb fingers and toes. Read More

April 7 – Trail Pilgrims

Our first rain, but as the kids are fond of reminding us, April showers bring pilgrims (through the transitive property–can you identify the transitive element?). And today’s April showers carried these trail pilgrims across our first state line on our pilgrimage to Katahdin. In these parts, apparently even the slugs carry backpacks. We spent a long time discussing other arithmetic properties. Read More

April 6

Today officially makes this our family’s longest hike. Cartwheel ponders the mountains between her and home. Read More

April 5

Woke up to a chilly morrning. Mouse spent the day talking about sailing with his friend Alton and asking if they could go island camping on their own yet. Lots of fun trees to explore. Read More

April 4

Nathan has earned his trailname: Mouse because he is small and fast (and Mischievous). It was almost Ishmael because, lacking strong moral principle, he was deliberately stepping into the trail and methodically knocking his sister’s hat off (also, he likes to fish). But his sister pointed out that she wears a visor not a hat, and while we’d sometimes like him to take to the ship, he doesn’t seem to do anything quietly, so Mouse it is. Mouse’s observation of the day: “thru-hiking makes the trail feel different than just heading out for a week or so.” Read More

Neels Gap

Thirty miles in, in Neels gap is the only place the AT goes through a structure (the breezeway pictured). Also home to the tree of soles, where custom dictates that those who choose to go no farther toss their boots into the tree to be done with the trail for good. Read More

April 2

April 2. Headed to Lance creek tonight, passing through Neels gap tomorrow. Weather couldn’t be better. 70s and sunny every day so far. Read More

April fools

Now that we are safely away from work and responsibilities, this is when we can reveal that we’re really headed to a Caribbean island for a while. Instead, Nathan got his first bite with his fly rod(but didn’t land the fish), and we caught up to a family we know who started a day ahead of us. Read More

On the Trail

March 31. Made it to the trail. The obligatory photo at Springer Mt (the southern terminus). Many people acquire trail nicknames; Maddy earns her trailname on the first day: Cartwheel. Here we are at the first campsite, by a brook 3 miles in. Read More