April fools

Now that we are safely away from work and responsibilities, this is when we can reveal that we’re really headed to a Caribbean island for a while. Instead, Nathan got his first bite with his fly rod(but didn’t land the fish), and we caught up to a family we know who started a day ahead of us.

2 Comments on “April fools

  1. Dear Nathan and Maddy, You’re on the trail! How cool is that? I am happy to see you exploring the innards of a great old tree being … just like “My Side of the Mountain”! It was so great to meet you both in North Stonington when you came to Connecticut … and i look forward to getting to know you both better { and both of your parents too – hi Emily and Dave! } as you hike your great journey. Hopefully our paths will cross when you reach the VT/NH border. Your friend, Alison

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