April 4

Nathan has earned his trailname: Mouse because he is small and fast (and Mischievous). It was almost Ishmael because, lacking strong moral principle, he was deliberately stepping into the trail and methodically knocking his sister’s hat off (also, he likes to fish). But his sister pointed out that she wears a visor not a hat, and while we’d sometimes like him to take to the ship, he doesn’t seem to do anything quietly, so Mouse it is. Mouse’s observation of the day: “thru-hiking makes the trail feel different than just heading out for a week or so.”

5 Comments on “April 4

  1. Mouse is a great name! How about yourself? And great pictures… Enjoying your posts!

  2. What a great family adventure, makes me wish I was there. Love the photos.

  3. So much fun to see you all having so much fun!

  4. Nathan-When you hike for a few days, you become part of the trail. When you thru-hike, the trail becomes part of you. When you catch your first fish, it becomes a really special part of you.

  5. I am hooked following you all hike the trail via your posts. It has always been my “dream” to thru hike the AT but life’s responsibilities will keep me from doing so for another 9 years. So to see you and your family have the opportunity to do this thru hike, what a fantastic adventure! I hope the recent storms have not been too bad there for you all and I look forward to your next posts.

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