April 8

Forty degrees and rainy yesterday was enough to have the parents and kids alike on the edge, but we snuggled together in a dry tent and made it through a gusty night. The hardest part of the trip by far came this morning: putting on wet socks, shoes and clothes to start hiking in the cold with numb fingers and toes. Cartwheel was near revolt declaring that she wanted to be at home in her fuzzy pajamas with her Teddy, having pancakes for dinner, drinking hot cocoa and reading stories while snuggling in her own bed. It was hard to argue with her sentiment. Her mom explained that sometimes its going through these hard moments that lead to the best experiences. Cartwheel seemed extremely dubious (vocally so), and the frost on the ridge top did little to convince her. But eventually the sun came out, things began to dry out and it turned into a different day. A couple passed us and Mouse fell in step behind them walking at quite brisk clip. By the time we caught up with him, he had shared his life story, as well as that of his parents and his grandparents. Cartwheel traded places with him and continued to chat with them for miles. By the end of the day, we had done our longest day yet. In a trail magical moment, a fellow hiker broke out s’mores makings for everyone, and there was much rejoicing by the fire with many new trail friends. Cartwheel declared it was her favorite day of the trip. Rarely do we get to experience such extremes in a single day. Experiencing them together is what forges such strong relationships in the mountains.

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  1. Rachel just reminded me after we read this, “The beauty of the trail is that your worst day can be your best!” Maybe, in the future, when your team thinks of s’mores they will remember what it means to be grateful. I admire the character qualities you guys are learning and will learn together. Character is always developed best in moments like these!

  2. My favorite moment hiking with Cooper was after he fell and screamed, “I HATE HIKING!!” He did manage to recover and, if I recall correctly, some well-timed treats had a lot to do with his improved mood. Keep the updates coming. We enjoy reading them.

  3. Just got logged into your blog. So sorry we missed your send off from Maine-but it’s awesome to read your posts from the “other end”. Our kids are in awe of your journey, none of us can comprehend. Great photos!

  4. Greetings from Rhinebeck! Your mother, Emily, just informed us of your family’s undertaking, and we are so impressed!
    Our best wishes are with you, we’ll track your progress, and as you approach Dutchess County, we’ll have to arrange to intersect you. Love to all of you, Micki and Hans

  5. Awesome how the day turned around. Discomfort and inconvenience really make you appreciate the good things in life. Having some new folks to talk to was great for the kids. I am loving this blog, by the way!

  6. Love following your adventures guys! Rory wakes up each morning and asks, “Can we see where Mouse and Cartwheel are today?” So glad you made it through your first nasty weather. Question – will the adults end up with new trail names or do you resurrect the old for a second trail adventure?

  7. I’m really enjoying reading about your grand adventure! This unforgettable experience will really shape you, Mouse and Cartwheel, and I am so psyched that your family is doing something so many can only dream of.

  8. Hi dear ones.every time we walk up calls hill emmy looks sadly over at your house looking for her man.I took her to the dog park in brunswick and it was fun but not quite like romping with orion!

  9. What a great turnout to a challenging day. You are an inspiration to all of us!

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