August 23 – Entering the Wilderness

More large fords today; the kids love wading through the water and Little John hit a hundred miles hiking with us just before we all enter the Hundred Mile Wilderness area leading to Katahdin. He’ll join us for another thirty, getting off at Gulf Hagas.

RobinHood and Little John enjoy a slow morning in their bunkbed hammocks. They’ve had fun creating any number of woods weapons (see yesterday’s post for the dagger and sheath RobinHood created).

We’re looking forward to the scenic 100 mile wilderness area coming up (which is more accessible than it sounds). Mama Bear and I hiked the 100 mile wilderness as our honeymoon, and we’ve been car camping at certain areas inside the wilderness every year since the kids were born. We’re looking forward to some friends joining us at some of those car accessible sites.










9 Comments on “August 23 – Entering the Wilderness

  1. It’s hard to believe that Little John could come from town and do 130 miles with your hiking (and swimming machine). Very impressive but not to overshadow the monumental efforts by your whole creww. Who ever heard of an 8 yr old hiking the AT. Amazing.

  2. We hiked into Gulf Hagas today and thought of you all. Bumped into Mike and Aga on our way out. Small world. Good luck with the final push to Katahdin!

  3. Just wanted to let you all know how inspiring you are. I don’t know you but have been following each day since the Press Herald article in April and now feel like an old friend!!! Spent a week in Rangeley in early August and did a day hike up Saddleback and the Horn, saw a bunch of thru hikers and always asked if they knew you and they all did. You guys are celebrities!! and it is well earned. Keep up the great work!!!!

  4. Congratulations lil john ! I’m so proud of you . What a gorgeous week you’ve had,and I love the pix of the hammocks. No surprise you are making weapons. Be sure to be helpful – remember you’re the salty seaman on the trail too. We all miss you especially Uncle Ben who wants his crew back, and tucker – he’s had a lesson on the laser . Good going to all. Xo m

  5. Gary Manzo. Thanx for your blog. Alice Kelley and I are amazed and impressed with how well the kids are doing. 10 miles in under 3 hours is impressive. A curious trail question. What do you feed Orion on the trail? I would imagine that’s a lot of weight to carry. Best wishes on your final push. Happy trails to all of you. GM and AJK.

    • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet (I meant to write just under four hour: they hiked it in 3:40). I’ll correct the post. Although the kids’ fastest known hour was 3.8 miles and their fastest known half hour was 2 miles, I don’t know if we’ve ever kept up a pace of over 3 miles an hour for three straight hours.

  6. Posy and I will be thinking of you on your last stretch – good luck and congratulations! Your written accounts and photos of progress so far have provided rich, varied, and joyful daily reading…

  7. Its nice that these are only posted every so often bc I find myself gobbling up the posts and its forcing me to savor them.

  8. Going to miss being at Gulf Hagas with you this year. Thinking of you all!

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