August 24 – Slugundy Gorge

Little John plunged out of the back eddy below Slugundy Falls, letting the current grab him and whip him around the smooth wall of the gorge, spitting him out in a foam of white into the open water of he gorge. It was perhaps the third time he’d let the current spin him like a washing machine while RobinHood perched apprehensively on the thin ledge, not sure how willing he was to let the current pummel him along.

Little John tried to coax him in by telling him how much fun it was (this sentiment simultaneously conveyed by the whoops and hollers he let out as he was whisked about). Still pensive, the friendly urging had little effect on RobinHood. Finally, Little John resorted to the method of communication familiar to any two boys who have known each other their entire lives. The taunting began: “if you don’t jump in once before I go again, you’re a wuss.”

When this still had no effect, Little John plunged in again, his head disappearing beneath the froth. Just as he was being whipped by the ledge on which RobinHood remain perched, his head broke the plain of the water just long enough for him to let out the word: “wuss!” before disappearing once more beneath the torrent. RobinHood let out an audible “aargh!” And threw himself off the ledge to be swept into the whirlpool. He emerged in the open water declaring loudly how awesome the ride had been.

Then he and little John kept playing in the waves. When finally it was time to walk once more, lIttle John declared that this waterfall and gorge had made the trip.

We’ve had many streams and waterfalls to the point that it sometimes seems like we’re walking on water. It’s meant swimming four or five times each day in some scenic swimming holes. The kids are now expert river forders.

































12 Comments on “August 24 – Slugundy Gorge

  1. How does one get back into the “normal life” after such a trip. I personally do not want it to end.

  2. I think I’m with Robin Hood on this one! A streak of native caution is no bad thing in the wild

  3. My brother from Alaska just met your family on the trail. He just completed the 100 Mile Wilderness and I picked him up on Monson for a short visit at my home in Skowhegan. Then back to Monson to keep moving south.

  4. Beautiful falls. I’m going to be so sorry when this ends. You’ve kept me inspired!

  5. Hi Kallin’s!!
    Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much I enjoyed walking along with you and your awesome kids. They were truly a joy to chat with! Was hoping to see you all again before the journey ended. Murphy and I summitted yesterday on an absolutely beautiful bluebird day. Wishing the same for you all! Tell Cartwheel and Robin Hood hi!!


  6. Hi, guys! I was really hoping to see you all again before heading back to Florida. We truly enjoyed our time hiking with your family. I hope your summit day is as beautiful as ours was! And I hope you have many more adventures in your future!

  7. God, I don’t know how you are going to come back to civilization! So much fun traveling with you! Id be right there with Little John in the rapids!

  8. I remember a similar dilemma as a child trying to build up the courage to jump into “sculptured rocks”.i think those acts of courage and gumption stay with are raising courageous children and I love that in you and them!

  9. Wow! Little John and RobinHood, you guys are daring! Looks like a fun ride down that shoot! Congrats on entering the 100 Mile. I feel your sentiments about starting back up your lives in civilization…. maybe you guys can continue the blog here and there to let us know how it’s going. I hope the kids will be excited to get back to their friends and school. Looks like Orion’s pack is holding up pretty good. I eagerly await your full review— thanks again so much for giving Groundbird Gear a go!

  10. Over the past week I’ve read all of your posts from Georgia up to here. It’s been inspiring to follow your family on this journey – I want to thank you for sharing what is possible for a family to do together.

  11. Just spoke to little john, he had such a great time. Thank you all so much. I hope the rest of the trip is as beautiful as it has been….what an experience you’ve given him! Love to all, Martha

  12. Mama Bear, All In, Robin Hood, Cartwheel, annnnnnddd Orion!!!!

    Twist here, wishing you a lovely end to your journey! The gorgeous 100 Mile was my favorite part of the whole AT, with a swim (intentional or otherwise) every day!

    I summited beautiful Momma-K on 8/23 with Stark, Kickapoo, Pogono, Shakes, White Rabbit, Acorn, Speedy G, Impact, and Mayo Pockets.

    Take it slow! (I miss it already!)
    Big hug!

    PS. Oliver is dreaming of chasing squirrels with Orion from the coziness of his plush bed ;0)

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