August 30 – Out of the Wilderness

The Hundred-Mile Wilderness may be an historical name designation only (it is not true wilderness in either the sense of the 1964 Wilderness Act or in true remoteness, being accessible by several private logging roads). But it does have psychological import for thru-hikers nearing the end of their journey. After a Katahdin sunrise, we walked out of the wilderness to meet Mama Bear’s parents for the final few miles of the trail.

We walked to Abol Bridge, had some coffee and breakfast burritos at the camp store, met the lady who would kennel Orion for us while we were in Baxter State Park, and waited for Mama bear’s parents to arrive along the Golden Road (so named for the value of Timber that was hauled out along that road during the regions’ timbering heyday).

Then All In drove the car around to the park, jogged back along the Blueberry Ledges trail, and caught the rest of the group from behind. Along the way All In serendipitously ran into friends who had stopped for a swim before finishing their canoe trip along the river running adjacent to the trail (the regularity with which we unexpectedly run into friends and acquaintances in our outdoor excursions is remarkable).

We enjoyed hiking and swimming along Nesowadnehunk Stream with its impressive falls. We were impressed by the crowds of people there for he holiday weekend (All In even startled one of them to the point of a screamed exclamation- she thought he was a bear when he emerged rustling out of the woods in front of her). We were equally impressed with the single-digit remaining mileage listed on the trail signs. We camped at the base of the mountain, preparing for our final climb.



























13 Comments on “August 30 – Out of the Wilderness

  1. I’ve really enjoyed following you. I hope my 4 yr old grandaughter, Anya (a surrogate but she’ll do), we’ll hike with us in a few years, although I doubt we’ll hike 2000 miles, being in our 70’s. Your family is a wonder, and your kids, to put it in the modern venacular, are AWESOME.

  2. Have fun on the final push!! Too bad Orion can’t be there to enjoy as well.

  3. Congratulations, David and family on all your success! Your fortitude and resolve is inspiring.

  4. You have the best photographs of any hiking blog on any trail. You capture the essence of what people are feeling, experiencing and the glory of the scenery.

  5. By the time I write this you will have been to the top of the AT and back down. Congratulations to the Kallin family on a truly incredible journey! Legendary really. Your wonderful posts and photos have brought great joy to many of us arm chair adventurers. The Force is clearly with you and will be always.

    • I would like to highly endorse your thoughts and wishes. Well said.

  6. Back in the spring, Maddie said to me “you should read our blog”. I said, “Oh, that’s a good idea”. Well, it turned out to be a fabulous idea! I have enjoyed every minute of reading about your wonderful family adventures. Thank you for taking me along. P.S. Looking forward to seeing you back at school!

  7. Maybe I’m biased because my kids and grandkids are in almost all the pictures but I think Maine is an awesome state and I’m so glad I live here. In the 2000+ miles you have hiked there has been a lot of beautiful scenery but none better than the streams, rivers, lakes, forests, and mountains of Maine. And a lot less of that ugly “civilization” stuff in between. Glad to everyone home safe and sound. Congratulations on a huge accomplishment!

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    Wow. It has been so fun to share this adventure as the Kallin family thru-hikes the AT. I even got a chance to meet up with them while they were crossing through Vermont and we shared a nice lunch. Dave and I reminisced about our college days and they all got to meet baby Dylan. I’ve been reading Dave’s wonderful posts on their blog all the way through their journey. It is coming to an end now as they hike the last few miles. What an inspiring family and what fun to be able to travel with them vicariously.

  9. I add my congratulations to all Kallins for this enormously impressive accomplishment. And it has been a gift to be carried along by your wonderful blog for which I feel very gratefull.
    Thank you,
    Ann Backer

  10. By now you’ve finished! Congrats! The pic above, where mama bear is sitting with cartwheel and her parents are standing behind is right where I accidentally kicked my mother’s brand new 35mm Minolta slrinto the river back in the 80’s. What memories. It has been a pleasure living the trail through your writing.

  11. I loved the idea of what you guys are doing. Its amazing. I am loving every post and it is inspiring. I will share it with my husband and daughter and we may follow your path in near future šŸ™‚

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