August 2 – Lake of the Clouds

The climb up Mount Washington was blessed with a high cloud layer that permitted views of the distant peaks but shielded us from most of the suns rays. With the humidity we still dripped with sweat, but the Whites have a well-deserved reputation for mountain majesty. We stopped in at Mitzvah Hut for some tea and baked goods, then we lucked-out with a work-for-stay at the Lake of the Clouds.

This made for a short day, stopping around four in the afternoon. We enjoyed exploring the alpine area, visiting the lakes and watching the sunset. Cartwheel and MamaBear sat inside watching the Croo serve dinner and perform skits, while RobinHood, Orion and I sat outside listening to an audiobook and watching the sun settle into the valley.

Orion spent the nigh in his nest outside, while the rest of us unrolled our sleeping bags on the dining room floor after most of the paying guest had headed to bed for the evening.


























7 Comments on “August 2 – Lake of the Clouds

  1. love these mountains, no matter how many times I hike them! Glad the weather has been cooperating during this stretch

  2. It feels like you’re really getting closer now that you are at Mt Washington, which forms part of our skyline on clear days.

  3. I found you through Wired’s blog, and have been enjoying following along your journey. I thru-hiked with my dog in 2009, so I appreciate the photos of Orion enjoying the adventure. I’ve noticed the kids haven’t been wearing packs for the past several posts. Are y’all carrying their stuff now?

  4. Your hike is a gift to me, now in familiar territory! Martha M August 4, 2014

  5. I think I met you guys on the 4th near mount adams. I had commented on your hyperlight pack being an owner of there gear to. I think you told me they custom made one for your daughter to. anyways I hope your enjoying your journey. happy trails

  6. Hey Kallin Family! I met you guys at Lakes – I was visiting a friend in the Huts for the evening! We chatted for a while (land conservancy, wind power in the Northeast, etc.) in the morning while the crew was finishing up breakfast and chores… I am wishing you a happy end to your wonderful journey. It is always such a pleasure to meet folks with the courage to share the trail with their kids! Stay awesome and keep smiling!

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