June 17 – Last Day of School

When I was in third grade, we had to ask our parents for three additional spelling words each week that were added to our spelling test. The first time I asked my dad for some third grade words he gave me: prognostication, procrastination and defenestration. To this day, I believe their was an implicit threat in those selections. But, although I’ve (perhaps too) frequently left things to the last minute over the years (often to my dad’s dismay), I’ve yet to actually be thrown out of a window as a result. Today was the last day of school for the kids’ classmates, but we had yet to get their final assignments in.

Aside from the last-minute effort to tie up school-related loose ends, Port Clinton proved to be a perfect respite. Our plans to have all their school assignments were quickly defenestrated (never let your schooling get in the way of your education, as Mark Twain implored). The kids have been very lucky that their school has been so supportive and involved in their continued education along the trail.

The Port Clinton locals were extremely friendly and the thru-hiker camping area at the end of Town was luxurious. The kids swam in the river, and RobinHood helped comb the tangles out of Cartwheel’s hair. The adults caught up on some lingering items on the to-do list, and everyone enjoyed the slow morning and fresh fruit salad for breakfast.

We had barely made it half a mile out of town when we ran into some locals headed to a swimming hole. The day was hot and we were in no hurry to tackle the steep climb ahead of us in the noon time heat. So we headed to the river for so e cliff jumping. We didn’t partake in the flips and twists, but All In can be seen launching off the high rock, while Cartwheel and RobinHood stuck to the lower rocks. Mama Bear even took a flying leap off the high rock, much to the dismay of her eardrums when the high powered water shot up her nose.

We didn’t end up heading out of town until mid afternoon, but we hiked late into the evening hours to take advantage of the cooler weather. The kids each added a rock to the large pile near the Pinnacle and We found a beautiful solitary camp site near an impressive mountain spring. Some careful tent and hammock site selection even avoided the dead branches that came crashing down nearby in the night.







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  1. I remember Dad giving me words like that too. I remember getting defenestration and procrastination together with a third word. I don’t think prognostication was on *my* list, though. I want to say my third word started with a c or an e…. Dad, do you remember?!

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