June 2 – A Day in Town

We got into Front Royal, VA on the early side. We even checked into the hotel early enough to enjoy a second breakfast in town. The parents did laundry and resupply while the kids alternated between jumping in the pool and working on their school writing assignments. Cartwheel definitely has the most stylish laundry outfit. While the rest of us just wear our rain coats with a towel around our waist, Cartwheel pulls off a very elegant two buff outfit. Buffs are basically synthetic neck gaiters, so they only work as skirts and tube tops if your torso girth happens to be close to that of an adult’s neck.

Walking with Wired (check out her blog) has been like a brush with trail celebrity. She knows many of the big players in the long distance hiking community, particularly those on the trails in the last few years. It was great spending a town day with her. Although we were each mostly attending to our sundry town needs (including new shoes for Cartwheel and Mama Bear–long overdue!), Wired was able to help with a number of electronic and blog related issues, which was great for me. And a big thank you to both Wired and Guthook for helping me get set up with Guthook’s mapping app. We look forward to using that on this next section.

Mama Bear has suggested that I start proofreading my posts, what with the increase in readership. I’m not sure if I have the energy for that, so I hope some of the site admins back at home can make me look good by correcting Siri’s scrivener errors. I did take a few Town pictures this time (though not many interesting ones).









19 Comments on “June 2 – A Day in Town

  1. I love the recordings of the kids’ poetry on Wired’s post! Damps should be proud.

  2. I am so delighted that Wired connected me to your blog. What a remarkable family adventure! You guys rock! Very inspiring.


  3. I, too, am a Wired fan who just found you all. Its fun reading of your adventure, and family connectedness. Thanks for letting us join you!

  4. Yeah, it was definetly time for new Mama Bear shoes!

  5. I can see it now: “Designed by Cartwheel Fashions”

  6. Also found you through Wired’s blog, what a great family adventure. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  7. love the buffs innovation. Maybe they should add that option to their “how to wear’ insert!

  8. Our family has enjoyed following along with your hike since April; we originally found you via the Tougas Family. As I also have been following Erin since her PCT thru-hike years ago, I was hoping you might meet up on the trail, as it looked like you may cross one another last week. It just so happened that we were driving through the Shenandoah Valley (wishing we were hiking!) at the time, heading from Massachusetts to our home in Florida. We look forward to your regular posts, which are always a hit around here…no editing required!

  9. I hope you all got a good soak in that tub! Yes, Cartwheel’s torso is adult neck size! Glad you’re having so much fun and meeting so many cool people!

  10. I’m loving every post. (I don’t seem to be able to respond via phone, though) -Barb

  11. Hey you all I read your blog every day and want a copy of the book with pictures. You’re Making serious progress and I am duly impressed. Keep it up. Love to you all . Mary

  12. I also found out about your adventure from Wired. We have a 4 year old GD that we want to get into hiking and your family is an inspiration.

  13. Just so you know my little gymnast, we are aware of your upcoming birthday and we will celebrate it upon your return with singing creatures and all. Loved the picture of beagle gap; your first baby sitter is on the hunt today for a baby beagle to keep Orion’s pal company.

  14. It was nice meeting the Kallin family in Front Royal. I’m glad that Wired has introduced her fans to your website. What a wonderful adventure you are on! I will continue to follow your blog and wish you Happy Trails. : )

  15. Incredible journey you are all on, So just how many miles did those shoes go?

  16. Still loving your blog since the first post! Never mind the proof reading! You guys are amazing.

  17. I sure am enjoying reading the family blog and so glad Wired shared your website! I could say that I’m drafting behind all of you (just in a different way – through internet). Pretty amazing to be able to be a participant in the AT through technology. It’s great! Robin Hood and Cartwheels socks have certainly given me the giggles, and I must admit that she has a clever use of Buffs.

  18. On occasion I do some proofreading. Wired’s blog is great! So cool that you guys got to hike together for so long!

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