April 30 – fishing

Because we had been counting on the closed hostel for some needed resupply, we decided that dad would speed ahead eight miles to walk to the Bear Mountain Lodge camp store a half mile off the trail. Of course, as soon as it was decided by the parents that dad would hike faster than the kids, it was decided by the kids that they would keep up. And keep up they did, pausing only to pick some chives by a dilapidated barn. As soon as it was discovered we were low on food, RobinHood declared that he would catch a fish and forage a salad for supper.

It turns out that small bodies can run full speed down hills with their packs on (their young knees are much more able to absorb the Newtons generated by their small masses accelerating along the declines), while we adults can’t (our aging bodies are much more inclined to absorb the Newtons generated by Nabisco). And it was good that they did. The whole family walked the half mile to the camp store. The kids made friends with the kids of the owners of the resort, folded paper airplanes and went swimming in their kiddie pool. Meanwhile, the adults had pizza and beer for lunch, shopped for the next few days into Virginia, and took showers.

Back on the trail, we were treated to yet more spectacular waterfalls. RobinHood pulled out his fly rod at every opportunity, and his persistence paid off. All day he had been explaining that we were arriving at perfect fishing spots, only at the wrong time of day (fish don’t like to eat in the hot sun of midday). At Watuga Lake, we caught up to a passel of hiking buddies who had gotten ahead of us but taken a day off. While Cartwheel socialized, danced to the music they were playing and turned countless cartwheels on the beach, RobinHood got down to business: fishing. He landed three different sized sunfish, much to the delight and amusement of the onlookers. His belly still full from the lunch, he decided on catch-and-release (and let-mom-cook-dinner). We spent some time at the shelter socializing in the evening, then headed on another half mile to camp on our own.









9 Comments on “April 30 – fishing

  1. Enjoying reading your blog! Keep your chin up cartwheel! Lots of adventures ahead! Can’t wait to hear about them!

  2. Knew it was just a matter of time before I read this. Congrats RobinHood

  3. I continue to be struck by the beauty and emotion of your travels….The pics are fantastic as is the script that goes along with each one! Again I thank you for the opportunity to come along with you on this fabulous journey and look forward to each and every day! Love and light to you all!

  4. Congratulations on your fish, RobinHood! Down there they probably call them “bream,” or “brim.” Fun to catch and good to eat, although a slight mess to clean. Big Papa

  5. You already caught more fish than we did during a two year circumnavigation. Congratulations. However, we are still ahead in the seagull count! I will have to practice my fishing and cartwheeling before joining you on some flat terrain. .

    Love to all,


  6. Hooray RobinHood! Love the pictures and hearing about your travels. Please tell Cartwheel I am sending a twirl to her, just like we would do in the morning in the gym, and hugs to both little explorers.

  7. I am still waiting for RobinHood’s hair to grow back.

  8. Beautiful waterfalls and great pics and blogging!

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