April 10 – another hiking family

We met another hiking family. Cartwheel trades stories by the campfire with their youngest. Mouse stumbles upon a geocache hidden in a tree at our lunch spot.

5 Comments on “April 10 – another hiking family

  1. I am loving your posts and pictures. What an unbelievable trip this must be…especially for the kids! Do you have any info on number of kids that have done a thru-hike?

  2. You guys are honking right along down there. It looks like everyone is still smiling! Did you sign the log and put something in and take something out of the cache?

  3. Over Cartwheel’s shoulder, you can see the volatile organic carbon (VOC) turpenes given off by the confier trees in the distance, which gives the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains their names.

  4. It looks like Cartwheel needs a shower. I hope Cartwheel and Mouse are taking good care of their parents. Love ya and miss ya!

  5. Ohhhhh. A geocache. My favorite hobby when I’m hiking and biking!

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