And Our Friends Are All Aboard…

Many more of them live next door…  The Kallin’s have long been a part of a very special beach ultimate frisbee team called the Yellow Submarine.  The crew members of the submarine started as a close knit group of friends,and over the years as more team members have been brought on board it has become a close knit family of kind souls spread across the country.  Although the yellow submarine diaspora has begun to expand geographically, everyone makes it a priority to get together each July for a reunion tournament.  Our trip down to Georgia is something of a reunion tour.  First with teammates in the Boston area; then with a large portion of the crew in the Philly area last night; tonight we’re headed to Raleigh to stay with another team member; and we’ll have a close miss of other teammates in the Atlanta area (made sweeter by the fact that we will see them come July); then we’re on the trail.  We start our walk north, and if all goes well we will be crossing through New Jersey right around the time of the team’s July reunion tournament.  A large portion of the team can be seen below.


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