Last Minute Training

We’ve started the drive down to Georgia. Last night we stayed with friends near Boston. Tonight we’re headed to Philadelphia. Everyone seems to be taking a different approach to their last minute training.


5 Comments on “Last Minute Training

  1. Hi David and family, what an awesome trip you have ahead of you! I am so envious. I have a friend doing a thru hike now. He left Springer Mtn. March 8 so he has a head start on you, but if you run into “Yo Teach” aka Jordan Bowman, say hello for me. Stay healthy and walk with a spring in your step! Happy Trails!
    Tom Matthews

  2. Have an awesome trip! We can’t wait to read about your adventures.

  3. Found this blog..I know you are all done BUT I am reading from the beginning! Love it!!!!!

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