August 27 – Whitecap

As we get closer to finishing and returning to our somewhat more indoor lives, our thoughts are naturally returning to home. We’re savoring our last few days out here before the kids return to school, I return to the office, and Mama Bear returns to field. It’s nice, therefore, to be in our familiar recreational playground- lands we come to every year. So it’s exciting that the Forest Society of Maine, an organization I do a lot of work for back in more normal life as land conservation attorney, is working on a project with Pine State Timberlands, LLC to add to the conserved recreational amenities we’re passing through right now.

Not everyone will have the opportunity to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail with their family (although I encourage anyone with that desire to try), but we all have the ability to get out and connect with the natural world when we can. Projects like this one ensure that such opportunities will exist for generations to come. Take advantage of a beautiful place near you this Labor Day weekend and get out to enjoy it. If you have kids you can bring along, all the better.











11 Comments on “August 27 – Whitecap

  1. I can’t believe you’re almost done – you have made amazing time, even with taking several opportunities to do other things. We’ve missed you back here in civilization, and can’t wait to have you back!

  2. My kiddos and I have been reading your blog all along this fantastic journey. You have inspired many hikes this summer! thank you, thank you thank you for sharing and inspiring! You guys rule! ( also spent this past week in the whites…cartwheel seems to be a bit of a celebrity as many of the thru hikers smile when I say her name:))

  3. To the Wonderful Kallin Family,
    As you near the end of your memorable trek I wanted to say how very much I have enjoyed following your journey. I am so glad my fellow Oregonian, Wired, made the introduction! You are an exemplary family….one that gives me hope in a rather gloomy and discouraging world. Thank you for making the effort to chronicle and photograph your adventures….not always easy after a tiring day or with rain sogging every item you own!

    Nathan and Maddy … You will be rock stars when you return to school. Imagine what you can write when the teacher assigns…”List the Highlights of your Summer Vacation”!!
    Orion … Thank you for protecting your family. You deserve many extra hours in front of that fire!

    All the best to each of you. I will miss you. Jill Wilson

  4. Could not agree more about the importance of getting outside and having access to those special wilderness places! Looking forward to a long weekend and getting out on the water and in the woods with my own son. Enjoy the rest of the journey together! All my best to all of you

  5. Great article in today’s paper about your trip. I know you must be excited to be almost home but a lot of us are going to miss reading your blog.

  6. I echo Helen’s comments as I’ve been following you almost from your beginning steps. Wonderful article today. I will be vicariously celebrating with you on your hike to Katahdin on Mon. and hope that the weather holds out for you. Enjoy your last few days of this adventure – and your planning of the next one!

  7. The 4th and 5th graders just checked up on you. We miss you and we can’t wait to see you! We are looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures!

  8. Since April I’ve so enjoyed following you along the trail via this blog, although I have spent some of the time worrying about you, too. You are a unique family and I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and adventure. And I especially look forward to your book (which I’ve got high hopes that there will be!)

  9. Hello Kallins! Just wanted to tell you how sorry we were not to be able to join you for a day’s hiking. Things being what they were, we needed that last bit of time on the island before heading to Chicago and then Rem back to his parents’ house while Liam and I visited my family. We are now back in SF and adjusting. We’ll be with you in spirit as you celebrate and mourn the end of your journey. Congratulations on achieving your goal!

  10. Hi Dave & Family! I just wanted to take a moment to express thanks on behalf of the Forest Society of Maine for mentioning us and the Gulf Hagas-Whitecap project in your post. What a wonderful story and journey for your family. We were honored that you thought to feature FSM’s work in your blog.


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