August 9 – 14 – Remembering Family

We came off trail for what we thought would be two days for a memorial service for Mama Bear’s uncle. The members of her large extended family were all present to celebrate her uncle’s life. That night, his wife passed peacefully in her sleep to join him wherever he is. One memorial morphed into two, and two days stretched into a week cherishing time with family. We’re headed back to the trail this afternoon, looking forward to the final few weeks until Katahdin.

DSC05767 (2)






2 Comments on “August 9 – 14 – Remembering Family

  1. Oh Emily and all of you. So sorry to hear of your losses. Thank you for sharing the pictures as this family gathering appears a celebration of two wonderful family members.

  2. Two hearts that stopped beating in almost unison.they must have had a very powerful do have an extraordinary family mamma to you all.

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