June 25 – New York’s Unique

Cartwheel tripped and fell, not for the first time. She clutched her bruised and beat up knee with tears welling in her eyes, then paused mid sniffle to declare in a sage and serious tone, “we fall so that we can learn to get up again; that’s what Spider Man told me.” It’s amazing the aphorisms that sink in when they come from people other than their parents; and the trail has provided them with seemingly limitless such sayings.

Today brought us yet another border crossing (and many unsuccessful attempts to string together the words “New York’s unique; unique New York” quickly in repetition. The trail through NJ and NY has been beautiful, and today didn’t disappoint. Lots of scenic ridge walking and rock scrambling, even some ladder climbing (everyone but RobinHood and Orion deigned to use this aid device- those two, as climbing purists, simply scrambled up the rock face beside the ladder).

The water flow is lower than usual given the dearth of rain, but Mama Bear was able to cool her head nonetheless. In the evening we wandered down a less travelled side trail where we were greeted with masses of wild blueberries and a solitary knoll on which to set up our tent. Orion nestled down into the contents of our exploded packs and managed to find a bug-free nest in which to nap.20140627-124746-46066423.jpg













5 Comments on “June 25 – New York’s Unique

  1. I’m with Orion … a bug-free nest! Kudos to you all on the state crossing into NY. The pictures of NJ and NY are exquisite views and fabulous people & dog shots. Can’t wait to see you all next weekend.

  2. Spiderman’s right. I would add a corollary. We fall to learn to get up again and to learn how to fall less in the future.

  3. Love the pics and Cartwheel’s comment about why we fall… amazing!

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