May 17 – superlatives

Another cold night and crisp cool morning. We’ve been walking with spring in the perpetual peak of wildflower blooms. Cartwheel has been decorating Mama Bear’s braids with the pink rhododendron and red fire pink wildflowers to match her outfits.

The kids were very excited for our lunchtime rendezvous with some other kids whose parents found us through the blog in the convoluted flow of social media. We were met at a road crossing with pizzas and chocolate milk, then we all scrambled back across the cow pasture (complete with a cow straddling the trail), and the kids spent a few hours wading in the waterfalls, napping in the hammocks and playing hide and seek in the tall grass. They are now all fast friends who hope to cross paths again.

The day brought boulders to squeeze under, a granite spire called the Dragon’s Tooth to climb, and the most photographed spot on the trail: McAfee’s Knob, a rock diving board that juts out above a scenic Virginia valley. We watched the sunset from the top, then headed down to the campsite where the kids spent the night in bunk bed hammocks.

The day made me miss my real camera, which I’m hopeful will be repaired soon. I’m also struggling with the wordpress app that updated automatically when I connected to wifi. That has complicated my remote reports (WordPress will no longer let me downsize the photos prior to upload, which is overwhelming my paltry data connections, making posts impossible–suggestions welcomed). I think I’ve written the last two posts eight time; they keep getting shorter, less interesting and more bitter. Enough grousing: Stay tuned and we’ll try to get everything back on track before I give up on this new technology completely.

At least the hiking is still spectacular. And I don’t need an app for that.








12 Comments on “May 17 – superlatives

  1. Unbelievable photos of all of you, gorgeous scenery, amazing. I’m the last person or at least 2nd to last person that could assist you on the technology front. May that get resolved so rewrites are none. Much love. Aunt Carole

  2. I’m impressed at the beard; are you trimming it at all? Its getting impressive when one compares to the first pix at the beginning of the blog!

  3. Looks like the kids are getting a lot of stile climbing practice to go with their rock climbing practice.

  4. If you ever publish anything about your hike, the cover should be of you guys on McAfee Knob! Great shot…

  5. Dave, I don’t know an iPad from a launchpad, but you must have a word processing program on the thing. Until you get the WordPress app sorted, write up your post separately so you can cut and paste into WordPress, rather than rewrite. Or at least you’ll have the write-ups for whenever you’re able to post again.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I’ll try to ask Sandy about the wordpress stuff. Your pictures are beautiful. (I think I’ve been having some difficulty posting from my phone.

  7. I miss you very much Cartwheel. I hope you are having fun. The trail looks beautiful. We have had a lot of rain too.
    Love Maeva

  8. Hi Robin Hood! Can you hunt with your bow and arrow? Did you get to eat the fish you caught? Can’t wait to meet you in Rangely.
    Love Jack

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