May 13 – Pearisburg

After a home-cooked breakfast, we left the Woodshole hostel, climbed the ridge, and headed north in the hot hot sun. RobinHood, having grown out of his deteriating hiking shoes, had a new pair shipped to the hostel, and commented that they felt like he was walking on a cushion of air. He took advantage of a power line cut to hang the hammock during the lunchtime break, then the guys gave the girls the near-empty food bags and speed-hiked the next five miles into town to resupply in Pearisburg.

After the mile road walk from the trail to the grocery store, we were greeted by Tigger drinking a Gatorade at the first gas station, then surprised to see Twelve Percent at the Dairy Queen. We did a quick resupply at the grocery store, then filled a waterproof stuff sack with ice and four blizzards from the DQ and headed back to the trail. We caught up to the ladies soaking in a stream just before the steep climb back to the ridge. We all enjoyed the blizzard surprise, and All-In was happy to split the food weight with Mama Bear before the climb.

We climbed the ridge in the evening hours, made camp by a spring and crashed for the night.






3 Comments on “May 13 – Pearisburg

  1. This is all very nice, but I must point out that Emily’s Mother’s Day photo in the hammock if posted on the cover of the AMC magazine (or any similar journal) would likely lead to a great uptick in men hiking the AT. Happy belated Mother’s Day to one of my favorites. Rich(ard)

  2. miss u . get back soon! we miss u!!!!

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