May 6

We had a leisurely morning; Cartwheel and RobinHood piled into their uncle’s hammock for some snuggle time, while All-In and Mama Bear enjoyed with several cups of tea and fried bagels with cream cheese. We watched the wild ponies graze in the distance. Then, once the hikers who stayed a couple miles back started cruising by, we figured we better get a move on.

RobinHood started drafting behind a hiker named Wrong Way, who also happened to be a snake expert. RobinHood learned a lot about all sorts of snakes and has finally lost his fear of the timber rattlers that are likely to emerge as it warms up and we head into northern Virginia and Pennsylvania (knowledge tames fear). Cartwheel chatted non-stop with her uncle.

We stopped for a dip and some lunch by a scenic waterfall. After the refreshing respite we continued on our way. A couple hours later we were caught from behind by Wrong Way and another hiker, DJ, both of whom had left lunch long before us. They hadn’t actually gone the wrong way, but had instead caught a quick hitch into town for some pizza and ice cream. We refilled our water at a very pleasant spring, then headed on to the river to set up camp, passing through some fragrant meadows along the way (some unidentified relative of the honeysuckle created quite the olfactory sensation).

At the camp spot Mama Bear, Cartwheel, and I lounged while uncle Avery set up his hammock. RobinHood had long before absconded to the river with his fishing pole. I moseyed over just in time to watch him land a fourteen-inch trout of some sort (I’d guess Rainbow, but I’m sure grandpa Kallin will chime in if it’s actually a Brook or a Brown). We cleaned and cooked it (together with our rice and lentils). and had fish tacos for dinner. We even added a sprig of wild mint. Now everyone is tucked into bed as the river babbles gently in the background, and the crickets call quietly to each other.

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9 Comments on “May 6

  1. I was resisting sending comments, but the fishing story and pictures really got me. how cool to catch a fish and have it for dinner an hour later!! Great timing to see Robin Hood in the act of catching the trout!!

    Jim (Richie’s brother)

  2. Great job RobinHood! Avery needs a trail name. He looks wonderful too; no doubt we are all a little jealous that he gets cuddle time his wonderful nephew and niece.

  3. Nice fish . Love the fact he ditches the rod and hand lines it in. That’s excitement !!!

    • RobinHood fishes with a nine foot telescoping tenkara rod with no reel (it weighs just over an ounce). Together with a few flies, some extra line and tippet his whole setup is probably under 3 ounces. But this means that he has to tire the fish out, then hand line it in every time.

  4. Sounds like an amazing day! Congratulations Nathan on catching dinner!
    Nice to see Avery on the trail with you. Maybe his trail name can be snuggle time!! hehe! Miss you all. ❤

  5. Nice fish, RobinHood. It does look like a rainbow trout. I bet it made good tacos. What fly did you get it on?

    • RobinHood fishes almost exclusively with an unbarbed Royal Wolf, hand tide by the fly-tiers who have been supplying the Coolidge family for decades. This will likely continue for some time for at least two reasons: 1) he’s been successful and like any good fisherman is somewhat superstitious, and 2) he hasn’t yet learned to tie his own flies to his tippet, so every time he suggests that a particular fly might be in order, he gets the stock response from his father: “I don’t know bud, this looks like a pretty good stream/lake/river for the Royal Wolf you’ve got on there; why don’t you try that.”

  6. You all look so beautiful and happy as children of the earth!so nice to see dear Avery joining you all.we love this vicarious journey.rock on dear ones.

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