May 4

Trail pancakes for breakfast, then on to some beautiful trail. Large, trout-filled brooks; woods and meadows covered in wildflowers; swimming in streams; dog-napping in the afternoon by dancing butterflies; a steep climb to buzzard rock for a scenic dinner; then a campsite out of the wind for the night: a typical Sunday on the Appalachian Trail. Confirmation that you should follow your dreams.










4 Comments on “May 4

  1. Has RobinHood tried his brown bead-head wooly bugger yet? Looks like the perfect stream for it.

  2. What’s Cartwheels think the luckiest age is? Also, All In, when you were seven you wanted to save up to buy a mountain to build a log cabin on and live in all by yourself. That’s what I remember, anyway…. love, Barb:)

  3. OK, we read about the trout filled streams. Then what?

  4. RobinHood informed me that he thinks wooly buggers are better pond/lake flies, but I’ve passed on your suggestion.

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