April 16 – old friends

After the mercury dropped to 8 degrees overnight, we spent the morning building a fire to thaw the shoes enough to cram feet into them and get moving. The day dawned sunny and clear, and the sun coming through the ice on the trees almost made yesterday worth it. We passed the trails highest point (Clingmans Dome) and met up with a couple Emily and I met on our first thru-hike back when we were Zipper and Ewo and they were Whiz Kid and Buzz”. They hiked with us for the day and provided a truly magical trail dinner with slow cooked beef tacos, fresh guacamole, and some adult beverages. Their kids and ours became fast friends (we haven’t seen them in person since 2002), he we caught up like it was only yesterday. They even provided evening entertainment. The best thing about the trail is the connections you make to truly remarkable people; connections that last for decades.

11 Comments on “April 16 – old friends

  1. The only thing better than old friends is old friends with good food, good kids, and adult beverages.

  2. We had so much fun hanging with your amazing family and getting to reconnect! Thanks for letting us tag along

  3. Hang in there – perhaps the worst is behind you for quite awhile. Take some time to recharge the batteries when necessary. You are overdue for some spectacular weather. Maybe you should take a detour to crazy Gatlinburg, or are you past there already?

  4. There will be an article about you by Deirdre Fleming in the Maine Sunday Telegram!

  5. Bet your feet we’re sore when you put your shoes on but at least you got to see your friends.

  6. We all had so much fun and our kids will talk about hiking with you guys for a long time! Grateful to be able to spend time with you guys again and hope your hike is the best “team building” experience a family could ever have!!!

  7. Just catching up reading your incredible journey. How inspirational! Can’t wait to share with the kinders when we get back from vacation. Happy trails to all!

  8. Dear Dave, Emily, Mouse and Cartwheel, Linda sent me to your blog a few days ago and I’m utterly hooked into your adventure! I’m following with fascination and awe at the enormity of a journey taken a step at a time, at the strength, physical and emotional, to move the family forward. I’m following the nation’s weather reports w/ an interest beyond my little spot in Cleveland. I’m sharing your blog with Arthur and will do so on Sunday with Josh and Emma. Here’s to sun, warmth, friends old and new along the way, reserves of good humor and perseverance! Love you all! Diane

  9. When you get back can you tell me who they are.

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