April 12

Nathan reads Lloyd Alexander with his hot cocoa at camp. Dad ponders some mountains in the morning. In the afternoon, we come across a birthday party thrown for a former thru-hiker and Appalachian Trail Conservancy Ridge Runner: Hopeful. Every year since his thru-hike, he’s had his birthday party at a trail crossing, his whole family comes and cooks and invites all the hikers who pass by, feeding them all. At Hopeful’s birthday party, we met yet another hiking family (trailname: Farmer Chef), with two kids and dog, section hiking the whole trail over three years. Tucking in for the night.

3 Comments on “April 12

  1. How are you keeping your phone and the tablet Mouse is reading from charged?

  2. Hi Dave and Family! I am in awe of this great adventure, and love reading about it. Can’t wait to see more updates. And I can’t wait to meet the rest of the Kallins, now that I have returned to Maine! Dave – let’s get in a round at Enman when you’re back!

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