A Family Adventure of the 2,185 mile hike from Georgia to Maine - 2014

April 2

April 2. Headed to Lance creek tonight, passing through Neels gap tomorrow. Weather couldn’t be better. 70s and sunny every day so far. Read More

April fools

Now that we are safely away from work and responsibilities, this is when we can reveal that we’re really headed to a Caribbean island for a while. Instead, Nathan got his first bite with his fly rod(but didn’t land the fish), and we caught up to a family we know who started a day ahead of us. Read More

On the Trail

March 31. Made it to the trail. The obligatory photo at Springer Mt (the southern terminus). Many people acquire trail nicknames; Maddy earns her trailname on the first day: Cartwheel. Here we are at the first campsite, by a brook 3 miles in. Read More

And Our Friends Are All Aboard…

Many more of them live next door… ┬áThe Kallin’s have long been a part of a very special beach ultimate frisbee team called the Yellow Submarine. ┬áThe crew members of the submarine started as a close knit group of friends, Read More

Last Minute Training

We’ve started the drive down to Georgia. Last night we stayed with friends near Boston. Tonight we’re headed to Philadelphia. Everyone seems to be taking a different approach to their last minute training. Read More

Emily’s history of trips

With two parents who fell in love hiking the Appalachian Trail together, our kids never had any choice but to be a part of that world.

Read More